What Space Would You Like TEW Design Studio to Transform?

TEW Design Studio creates uplifting spaces that are visually inspiring and easy to live and work in.

These interior designers can take any client’s idea—no matter how conservative or monochromatic and transform it into a vibrant space that exceeds that client’s expectations. To push herself and her designers to always take a unique approach in meeting her clients’ needs, owner, Rima Nasser keeps this reminder displayed above her desk: Great things never come from comfort zones. “Seeing a smile on my clients’ faces and knowing that their investment in their interior has helped their daily lives become brighter, more comfortable, and efficient, is truly rewarding,” says Nasser.

How long have you been in business?

Since 2015

Who/what was the inspiration behind your business?

“Great Things Never Come From Comfort Zones” hangs above my desk as a reminder for all aspects of life. When I’ve gone outside the box, good things came of it. We use this approach with our clients, especially those that may have conservative tastes with a monochromatic palette. Our clients come to us for our diversity and bold portfolio of ideas. So, they’ve already gone outside the box. All we need to do is take them one more step, to help them tap into their personality and marry that with their family’s needs.

Seeing a smile on our clients’ faces. For homeowners, knowing that their investment in their interior has helped their daily lives become brighter, more comfortable and efficient. For our client businesses, knowing that they are thriving due to a well-designed interior environment bringing in more foot traffic. This keeps me motivated to learn new things, source better products, and be innovative in our designs.

How many employees do you have? How many were hired in the last year?

There are four of us, two were hired this year.

What business or community need does your business meet?

We create uplifting spaces that are visually inspiring and easy to live and work in. And we believe in the value of good design that should always be fun, exciting and daring. We strive to design each space, whether residential or commercial, as a space that lifts people’s spirits.

What is the biggest business challenge your company/business has had to overcome? How did you do it?

My biggest challenge has been to grow the company at an appropriate pace. In the process, I’m transitioning from my all-encompassing role to more delegation of roles and responsibilities for our team. Of course, when I first started TEW Design Studio, my role was business owner, interior designer, marketing manager, installer, bookkeeper, office administrator, and so forth. Any entrepreneur has to do all these things when starting out. Now that we’re growing consistently, it’s my responsibility to employ people who can focus on key roles.

What is your business’ greatest need?

As an offshoot of our growth, we are in the process of establishing new protocols across the business, such as weekly project reports and client satisfaction surveys to ensure that we’re meeting our service goals.

What are you most proud of about your business?

The biggest risk for me was starting my business and deciding to follow my dreams full time. On one hand, there’s comfort in having a stable, full-time job while pursuing my dreams as a side hustle. However, I firmly believe in the saying “great things never come from comfort zones.” So, I took a huge risk that could have jeopardized everything I own and dedicated myself to this business. I think to myself, if I can do this, I can do anything!

In what ways do you hope your business will grow in the next two years?

We are in the process of looking for a new space that can accommodate our team and our needs. We hope to find a location that can serve our customer base in the Triangle area and beyond.

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