HuthPhoto: Telling Visual Stories Through Photography

Very few people can tell the Durham story like Ken Huth of HuthPhoto. And even after 32 years in the photography business, Huthphoto always manages to tell the Durham and clients’ stories from different angles.

Ken and his team have worked with clients like DPAC, Duke, YMCA of the Triangle, and a host of other corporate clients. “Our goal now is to replicate the quality and style of HuthPhoto so clients can continue to rely on a range of photographers at a range of price-points,” said Ken. “So, if anyone knows a great Durham photographer or a young photographer who’d value being mentored, we’d like to meet them.”

How long have you been in business?

32 years.

Who/what was the inspiration behind your business?

We LOVE being involved in all the cool happenings in Durham & the Triangle. Snapping them and telling those stories in unique ways is exciting.

How many employees do you have? How many were hired in the last year?

Two with Colin and I, but we hire 2-3 assistants, and pass work to several other local photographers.

What business or community need does your business meet?

Durham is so national-class now with our businesses and organizations that they want to tell their stories in a way that’s new. We have the experience to help them come up with new ways to show off the cool things Durham business is doing. We also have had the opportunity each year to give back to Durham, by doing photo projects for the Boy Scouts, STEM & arts programs, first responders, etc.

What is the biggest business challenge your company/business has had to overcome? How did you do it?

Getting the word out about how we’re different and making connections when we were new in town. The Durham Chamber was an amazing resource… even before we fully decided on Durham as our new hometown, Chamber staff were helping us understand Durham business.  More recently, the Chamber put us in position to do cool, high-visibility, VERY Durham projects, and connect with the best businesses across the community.

What is your business’ greatest need?

As we’ve grown, we’re constantly looking for good photographers and assistants to partner with. The struggle is to replicate the quality/style of HuthPhoto, so clients can rely on a range of photographer, at a range of price-points, and get the quality of images they expect. So we need to find amazing folks who want to grow with us.

What are you most proud of about your business?

The long-term relationships we have with clients, and the way Durham has so kindly embraced us over the last five years. To be able to list DPAC, 14+ Duke Departments (including Duke Law and School of  Nursing), The Greater Durham Chamber, YMCA of the Triangle, UNC Kenan-Flagler, etc. as our most active clients, it is really just amazing to us. And to be able to do that as a father-son team, is pretty wonderful.

In what ways do you hope your business will grow in the next two years?

We will be cont

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