Membership Benefits

Gain a say in what happens in the business community. Navigating in this environment can be complicated, but there is strength in numbers.

It’s not just who you know, it’s who others know. Networking is powerful. At the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce, we help you connect. Connect with fellow business owners. Connect with valuable resources. Connect with industry leaders.

By facilitating connections between local businesses, non-profits, and government agencies, we’re not just helping you run a better business, we’re building a better community.

Get a competitive edge over non-members with exclusive training. The Durham Chamber has a wide variety of business resources available to our members that save time, save money and provide answers to your questions from trusted advisors.

Benefits At A Glance

Business Advocacy

Join our collective voice in local, state and national initiatives that foster growth and opportunities for businesses and residents in the Greater Durham community

Events and Programs

Take advantage of member-exclusive rates to attend events, workshops and seminars with you and your business in mind.


Expand your networking opportunities – committee involvement, volunteer experiences, upcoming events – plus gain peer-to-peer interaction with over 600+ area businesses.

Savings and Promotions

Gain access to savings and promotions, exclusively offered to our members or through our member-to-member program, on products and services to help grow your business.

Marketing and Sponsorship

Gain valuable visibility for your business through one of the many marketing opportunities – business referrals, directory listings, event sponsorships, and more.

Development and Education

Stay informed through our weekly communications and receive professional and personal development via our programming.

Membership Recognition

Allow us to celebrate you and your business by welcoming you to the community – with grand opening/new location ribbon-cuttings and ceremonies.

Membership Levels

Your investment in the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce amplifies your business reach, connecting you with more than 600 area businesses – from solopreneurs to major employers.



For 501 (c) (3) non-profits who are seeking access to Chamber networking and programs.



Best for entrepreneurs or small-to-medium sized businesses seeking access to Chamber networking, advertising, and programs.



Best for businesses seeking access to most Chamber benefits and aspire to have a greater community and economic impact.

Key Investor


Best for business seeking all Chamber benefits and aspire to have a greater community and economic impact.

Benefits by Membership Level

Membership Programs and Offerings


“My positive impression of the Chamber actually played a huge role in my choosing Durham when relocating HuthPhoto.

Even before joining, I was given so much personal attention and business advice—and now as a member, I’ve received wonderful exposure to the Durham business community. Durham is just this wonderful, creative place, and I’m thrilled to have the Chamber as my quick-start guide to the Bull City.”

Ken Huth
Owner |
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