Durham One Fund

Partnering to respond to crisis

The Triangle continues to recover in the aftermath of April’s gas explosion in downtown Durham.

In an effort to respond to this devastating event and to rally generous support for the families impacted, we are proud to be a member of the Durham One Fund committee and to partner with Triangle Community Foundation, City of Durham, Durham County, the Durham Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Durham, Inc., Discover Durham, and Upstream Works Collaborative on this initiative. We are equally proud to serve as a trusted channel by which these resources will be distributed responsibly and efficiently to the people who them the most.

United Way’s Durham One Fund was created to make this connection and to be a platform for accepting gifts of support which will be invested with nonprofit organizations providing short- and long-term human services for residents of Durham County in response to loss, injury, displacement, disruption, and other impacts from the explosion and as a mechanism for response to future emergencies or disasters impacting the Durham community.

We are grateful to announce that nearly $250,000 has been raised in support of the Durham One Fund, an incredible response to meeting the clear and evident needs of these vulnerable populations in the wake of this unforeseen disaster.

You can support the Durham One Fund by making a secure, tax-deductible gift through United Way here. 

If you have any questions regarding these efforts, please contact United Way Philanthropy Leader, Kaia Clarke, at 919-463-5025 or

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