Q&A with Chamber Ambassador, Matt Groseclose

Matt Groseclose is a Family Scouting Director for Boy Scouts of America. The Durham Chamber is glad to have him support our efforts and share the value of partnering with us.In his own words, he shares why he decided to be one of our Ambassadors…

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Attending baseball games and NASCAR races, hiking, camping.

How long have you been a Durham Chamber Ambassador?  

Three years. I am one of the original Ambassadors.

Why did you choose to become an Ambassador? 

When I was new to Durham, it was a challenge to know who to talk to about the things I had connections with where I was from: where to get a haircut, who to work on my car, where to go for a good dinner, etc. I wanted to be able to give advice to newer people on what I learned, because it was a lot for me to take in and figure out on my own.  I also wanted to be “in the know” on information that needed to be shared with others, plus be visible at Chamber events.

How has being an Ambassador shaped your perspective on Durham? 

I’ve been able to have experiences through the Chamber I otherwise would not have had through my job alone- whether it be a behind the scenes tour of the DPAC or an Executive Lunch Series at the Duke Lemur Center, I got to go places that others don’t!

What has been the most rewarding part of being a Chamber Ambassador? 

Meeting so many new people from different businesses and walks of life.

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