Is Augmented Reality Right for Your Business?

Digital reality is changing the ways we interact with each other as well as how companies interact with their audiences.

The IDC (International Data Corp) predicts that the adoption of these digital experiences from 2017-2021 will result in a compound growth rate of approximately 113% resulting in approximately $160 Billion spend. With SpokeHub’s Augmented Reality (AR) offering, we provide those companies a way to immerse themselves with their audiences through, rich, exclusive content.

SpokeHub is a Durham-born, social technology platform that specializes in Augmented Reality customer engagement through a platform on demand solution called PoD™. Through our four-pillar foundation; Augmented Reality, Real-Time Feedback, Data on Demand, and a Revenue Share Program, SpokeHub provides a place for everyone’s voice to have value and impact. Augmented Reality is a unique type of cutting-edge technology that combines elements from a virtual world with our real world. SpokeHub is THE ONLY social platform utilizing AR experiences as a call to action from your audience. Through your exclusively released content, you will increase your sales, visibility, virality, and excitement. From 2D and 3D videos, to holograms and scavenger hunts, you can now engage with your community in a focused and pivotal way.

Take that a step further and SpokeHub gives businesses the opportunity to quickly realize ROI through sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

Advantages of leveraging SpokeHub for Augmented Reality

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