Could the Biggest Cybersecurity Threats be Inside Your Company

Dodging Cybersecurity threats is getting harder by the second as hackers attempt to race technology advancements. But an established IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help you through the quagmire of today’s cybersecurity threats.

Here is a list of a few common threats, along with a few tips on how to beef up your defenses to combat them, from Chamber member and MSP WorkSmart IT.

#3. Inadequate Backup Planning

Threat: If your organization’s data gets encrypted by a hacker and you do not have a proper backup and disaster recovery plan in place, your business could come to a screeching halt until you pay the ransom to unlock it.

Solution: The best response to a ransomware attack is a comprehensive data backup and recovery plan. That way, if a ransomware attack does take over your office, you can get right back up and running in a short period of time – without paying the ransom. Since the options for data backup and recovery are complex, this is not an arena to DIY. Join forces with an expert service provider who can help design a backup plan that will meet your recovery objectives.

#2. Lack of Multi-Layered Security Approach

Threat: In the past, antivirus software for your computers and a firewall for your network were enough to be protected. That is certainly not the case today as threats have evolved far beyond viruses.

Solution: Many different levels of security solutions are needed to reduce threats in today’s world. Most organizations need at least: a business-class Firewall to filter bad traffic and prevent intrusions, DNS filtering tools to block malicious sites and downloads, antivirus to detect and remove malicious software, next-gen endpoint protection to augment your antivirus software with robust exploit prevention, ransomware prevention, and malware detection, spam filtering to cut down on incoming threats via email, hard drive encryption to prevent hackers from getting into your data if your laptop or computers are misplaced or stolen, and mobile device / application management tools to protect your business data if your employees’ phones or tablets are lost or stolen.

#1 End Users

Threat: Your employees are a hacker’s best friends. Users habitually click on just about anything that comes through their inbox during the day.

Solution: Security training for your employees is one of the best ways to prevent security breach events. Unfortunately, many organizations only offer security training for users once as they join the organization. Adding Training as a Service (TaaS) that is designed to continuously test your users by sending faux threats their way will keep IT security and prevention training at the top of everyone’s minds.

To learn more about Cybersecurity, join WorkSmart IT on June 19th at the Durham Chamber office for “Top IT Security Threats Every Business Should Know” where Jim Rappl, Director of Business Development at WorkSmart IT, will lead a discussion on today’s Cybersecurity landscape for SMBs. Click the link here to register.

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