House Bill 2-Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act (HB2)

On Wednesday, March 23rd, the North Carolina General Assembly reconvened for a Special Session to take up House Bill 2-Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act (HB2).

The legislation passed the North Carolina House of Representatives with a vote of 83-24. Immediately following, the Bill was taken up in the North Carolina Senate and passed with a vote of 32-0; Governor McCrory signed the bill the same day, thus making it effective immediately.

The Public Policy Division of the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce has researched this topic and has found several sources that further explain the legislation, the timeline leading up to the bill signing, along with several polls and studies that have taken a closer look at this topic, nationally. As you read through the material (at the link below), note that North Carolina, including the counties of Durham, Orange and Wake, and the municipalities there within, are noted in several of the studies.

Read more on HB 2 here

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