Durham-based social impact group ReCity Network unveils online platform

The Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce and ReCity Network have launched a new phase of their partnership that aims to increase the impact of non-profit leaders by connecting them with thought leaders, innovators, and change-makers beyond the Triangle.

Founded in 2016, ReCity Network is Durham’s hub for social impact. More than three dozen non-profits, faith-based organizations, and mission-driven businesses call the ReCity Network’s 12,000-square-foot home for co-working, meetings, and events aimed at fostering collaboration and sparking innovation that defines a new era of shared success among all residents of the Bull City.

The first phase of ReCity Network’s strategy focused on providing the physical space for nonprofits and faith-based organizations. Now home to more than three dozen of these businesses, phase II will expand the reach and impact of these businesses through an online community called ReCity Connects.

Become a Mentor

Through this platform, ReCity members will be able to sign into their portal and post a question about a specific topic. Experts on the subject matter-referred to as “Mentors” on the platform, will weigh in on the topic to provide members with a wide range of feedback, further expanding the depth and breadth of possible solutions.

“Everyone wins with this scenario,” said Rob Shields, Executive Director of ReCity Network. “Mentors will be able to be part of a broader social impact beyond their immediate community and ReCity members get to further their cause and mission.”

Organizations can also play a role in addressing the resource challenges these non-profits face through sponsorships on this innovative engagement platform to help ReCity Network accelerate its goals of mobilizing 1,000 mentors, fostering 10,000 qualified connections, and adding 100 new digital members to ReCity Network by July 1st.

“ReCity Connects is just the right tool at just the right time,” said Timothy Downs, Vice President of Economic Development at Durham Chamber. “ReCity continues to advance the mission of all nonprofits to have a greater impact and ultimately strengthen our community. All chamber members can contribute to ReCity Connects. We are thrilled to partner with ReCity on this effort.”

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