Crowdfunding Nonprofits with Envested

Crowdfunding has become one of the most powerful tools to fund a new business, an event, or just an idea – in fact, crowdfunding is on track to surpass venture capital funding this year (Forbes). It’s also an amazing way to help great causes in our community.

With that goal in mind, the Chamber has decided to partner with Envested, a social networking giving platform headquartered right here in Durham (and a new Chamber member). Envested empowers community members to support local nonprofits that are making a difference every day. Today we’re asking for your support for three of these great nonprofits that are members of the Chamber to support the specific work they are doing here:

  1. Click the links to view the fundraising challenges for Caring House, the Volunteer Center of Greater Durham, or Meals on Wheels of Durham (15 seconds).
  2. To give, click “Envest” and you’ll be prompted to create an account (20 seconds).
  3. To finalize your gift, choose the amount you want to give and click “Envest” to confirm your gift! When you see a note thanking you for your Envestment, you are done! (20 seconds)

Bonus: Keep up with all Chamber activity on Envested by joining the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce group once you are logged in!

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