Combating the ‘Sleepy Mama Syndrome’ – TIP: Men Can Get it Too

Dr. C. Nicole Swiner is a self-appointed Nap Queen, an affinity that she says come naturally – her father lies down for a little shuteye every day around 2 or 3 p.m., and wakes refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of the day.

While napping doesn’t affect her ability to sleep at night, unfortunately, her husband can’t say the same. If he tries to sneak a nap in, he’s up all night and tired the next day. Here are five tips to combat the “Sleepy Mama” syndrome and we think men can get it too.

  1. Stop taking those naps for a while. Daily naps are likely the reason behind being chronically tired. Succumbing to siesta isn’t beneficial to everyone.
  2. Turn off electronics—TV, phone, computer—at least 1-2 hours before sleeping. Too much light causes over stimulation of the eyes and brain and can keep you up.
  3. Exercise is very important, at least 2-3 times weekly, of at least 30 minutes is helpful for many reasons.
  4. Review medications. Certain medications like diuretics might keep you in the bathroom at night, or antidepressants that might keep you hyped up at night. Watch your caffeine intake avoiding coffee or sweet tea after dinner
  5. Figure out a way to relax., I suggested journaling and meditation/prayer. Also adding some melatonin, which is a natural supplement we all have in the blood stream. It peaks in the body as bedtime approaches, so taking a little additional dose is helpful.

NOTE: The Sleepy-Mama Syndrome is a term made up by Doc Swiner after treating a patient who’s a single mother of two, works full time, takes online classes at night and is, unsurprisingly, chronically tired.

Taken from Dr. C. Nicole Swiner original post “The Sleepy Mama Syndrome”

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