Business Insight: A Look at BlueMatrix

BlueMatrix is a B2B technology solutions provider with headquarters in New York and three other offices in Durham, London, and Timișoara Romania, with a total workforce of 100. However, with a number of team members working from home, they have an extensive presence across the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

The company was created in 1999 as a revolutionary response to the growing complexities and increased risk investment research providers found themselves up against and is a respected and prestigious brand in the global investment research space, having earned the long-term trust of some of the world’s leading research firms. Users such as research providers, corporations, sales teams, and other content producers use BlueMatrix’s ecosystem to:

For users, the company’s suite of online solutions is fundamental to their everyday work and overall success, as it enables them to safely and efficiently manage their complete lifecycle of regulated information. Together, these solutions deliver a flexible technology framework to support users’ digital strategy for both internal knowledge management and external content sharing. This way they can focus on value-adding activities.

The biggest impact on users’ work lives is the built-in mobility. The entire BlueMatrix ecosystem is web-based, accessible from any internet browser or our mobile app, allowing users to work from anywhere. The flexibility to create and collaborate on content remotely has been key since day one, as clients regularly travel for work, but even more so this year when users found themselves suddenly forced into work-from-home arrangements. For them, this year has been business as usual.

Like their technology, BlueMatrix’s business is designed to operate remotely, and they have been able to not only maintain normal operations and schedules but have accelerated their growth in the market this year, despite the mandatory remote work arrangements. Across the industry there is an increased demand for flexible, online collaboration tools, those like BlueMatrix’s, that are designed specifically for remote accessibility.

With a culture that is described as innovative, collaborative, and personal, it’s no surprise

that since expanding in Durham, BlueMatrix has embraced the community and is actively seeking opportunities to connect with local organizations. Earlier this year BlueMatrix joined the NC Tech Association to better collaborate with the local tech market. They have also participated in local sporting events, such as the sponsorship of the August 2020 Rookie Extravaganza by the North Carolina Quarter Midget Association (NCQMA), thanks to one of their senior team members’ active involvement in the organization.

BlueMatrix continues to grow as a company, specifically in our Durham location. Interested applicants should follow their LinkedIn page ( for current job postings or email

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