The Ultimate Recycle, With a Focus on Hospitality

Bartlett Reserve, named after the founder of the city of Durham, Dr. Bartlett Durham, has created something very unique by brilliantly blending the old and the new.

In November of 2012 the owners of Bartlett Reserve purchased the failing Highwood Suites property on Meredith Drive in Durham, with the intention of repurposing the property into a Resort Style Senior Living Community with a focus on hospitality.  By avoiding the exorbitant costs of new construction and minimizing waste, Bartlett Reserve is helping to improve the planet, creating new jobs, improving the local tax revenue base, and brightening the community spirit and local economy.   This amazing adaptive reuse idea is brilliantly creative and offers sustainably innovative recycled architecture.

The concept is quite unique, as the managing partner Morgan Burkett, was trying to find a retirement community for his own mother, and was not happy with the available options.  As a result, he decided to open an entirely different model for seniors, one that engaged Mr. Burkett’s 40 plus years of experience in the hospitality industry, offering the lifestyle as an all-inclusive month to month rental, minimizing costs and focusing on the environment through adaptive reuse.

“It seemed like an extremely good match,” Morgan said, “as exceptional customer experience is what was lacking in almost every community I visited, and it’s exactly that focus on quality that my career has been built on and where my team’s expertise lies.”  “The concept for Bartlett Reserve centers around an exceptional guest experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with daily, weekly and monthly rates, Morgan said.”  “We offer this lifestyle to our guests without the commitment or complications of a long term lease, allowing you flexibility, freedom and choice along with exceptional attention to detail.”

The Resort officially opened to guests last July, and will offer a heated pool, anytime dining, theatre, library, fitness center, bistro, salon & spa, sauna, on-site massage therapist, on site rehab center and more.  The rates are all-inclusive meaning all of your utilities (water, electricity, local and long distance phone, premium cable, high speed wireless internet), weekly linen & terry service, paper products, weekly housekeeping service, transportation service, 2 meals/day, etc., are all included.  Bartlett Reserve will offer either 1 or 2 Bedroom Suites with full kitchens, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and 24 hour emergency buttons.

“To see this transformation has been truly incredible,” said Laura Martin, Director of Sales and Marketing.  “Once the community is completed, each occupied suite will become lovingly referred to as ‘my home’ by new guests and provide a favored place to visit for friends and families. “  For more information please call Laura at 919-361-1234 or visit

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