The Chamber Opposes HB2

Since March 23, the Durham Chamber has been actively engaged in understanding and informing our membership of the details included in HB2 and its impact on the economic development of Durham and the quality of life of its citizens and visitors.

To ensure that all voices were included in the Chamber ‘s position on HB2 the following steps were taken to engage and inform the membership:

March 24

Following the abrupt passage of House Bill 2 on March 23, the Chamber issued a statement from Bill Brian, immediate past chairman of the Chamber Board and current chairman of the Public Policy Committee, reaffirming the Chamber’s ongoing support of the LGBT community and civil rights in general. The Chamber also agreed to take up the issue of HB2 at the April Public Policy Committee on April 12.

March 29

The Public Policy Division of the Durham Chamber provided the membership with detailed information on HB2 including an objective summary, bill analysis and additional resources. READ HERE

April 8

The Chamber sent a five question survey to members, seeking their input on HB2. Based on the survey responses, 81% of respondents agreed that the Durham Chamber should take a position on HB2. Additionally, 80% percent of respondents also reported that they opposed the passage of HB2. Respondents asked for clarifying information that would explain the details of HB2, beyond part 1: “single sex, multiple occupancy bathroom and changing facilities.”

April 12

In a public meeting, the Public Policy committee reviewed HB2 taking input from citizens, Chamber members and elected officials. HB2 was also reviewed and discussed during the Chamber’s Executive Committee meeting.

April 18

The Durham Chamber issued a statement opposing HB2 and all legislation which discriminates against men, women, governments and private companies living in, traveling to and doing business in North Carolina. The full statement can be found here.

The Durham Chamber of Commerce, like the County and City of Durham has embraced diversity as a defining element of the Durham community; Durham’s diversity and tolerance are fundamental elements of its identity and appeal.

To that end, the Durham Chamber will hold a series of public sessions designed to educate and inform our members and the Durham citizenry of the impact HB2 could potentially have on individuals’ quality of life and the business community.

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