Startups and Social Responsibility – Ask SpokeHub

Recently, there has been a lot of skepticism surrounding social platforms. Where is my data going? How much do they know about me? Is this a safe place to interact?

Because SpokeHub is a unique platform that blends the entertainment of the social side and the insight for the business side, we make it our priority to create a space that is safe and secure. Our platform allows users to be in control. YOU can join the hubs that interest you. YOU can own your own hubs. YOU can moderate the content through your hub ownership. YOU can set user boundaries. This allows everyone to feel comfortable engaging and having meaningful conversations. We don’t sell data, we do not tolerate bullying, and we champion healthy, respectful dialogue that moves the conversations forward. We are dedicated to creating a place where people are valued while having a true impact. SpokeHub has created this impactful platform from the ground up right here in Durham and it is important to us that we inspire the next generation for entrepreneurs.

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