Q&A with StreetLevel Media

Streetlevel Media joined the Durham Chamber of Commerce earlier this year. They recently won the City of Durham’s RFP for GoDurham transit advertising throughout the city. They are also helping our great city to get back on the bull with bus ads. We sat down with Marci Burns, Marketing Director for a Q&A about Streetlevel Media. 

How large is Steetlevel Media?

In terms of personnel, Streetlevel Media has a full-time staff of 13 positioned across North Carolina. Additionally, we have “third party” installers and designers that are fully integrated into our workforce model.

What do you think was key to winning the RFP in Durham?

GoDurham established a team within the city of Durham to evaluate the Transit Advertising Companies that were considered qualified. These processes are extremely detailed and include financial consideration, experience and track record, visioning, and other metrics that to help determine the likelihood of success. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have built over the years with all our transit agency partners in North Carolina and believe that played an important role in securing a win as well. Streetlevel Media’s business plan is focused not only on advertising and raising money for GoDurham through these advertising proceeds, but Streetlevel Media also embraces and promotes communication with Durham through the use of public service displays promoting city events, notices and initiatives.

Why is this win so important to your company?

One needs only to drive through downtown Durham to see the opportunity and growth that is underway. GoDurham is offering an advertising medium that has been absent in the market and now will offer affordable, impactful ways for Durham businesses and professions to grow. Durham is a top five North Carolina market, the number two Nielsen DMA in North Carolina. Durham is home to North Carolina Central University, and Duke University. Durham is a cultural center, a culinary center, a sports center, and a growth center.

How long is the contract with the city?

The contract is for at least 5 years.

How is Streetlevel Marketing engaging with/plan to engage with the Durham community?

Streetlevel Media has a marketing team that is developing a branding plan to let the community know that this new dynamic product exists. Our creative team has designed a fun and exciting introduction we are looking forward to rolling out! Our sales team is poised to guide our initial advertisers to build effective campaigns for their businesses. “Bus Ads Are Back”!

What’s 3-4 words that describe Streetlevel culture?

Collaborative, Inclusive, Creative, Focused!

How has COVID-19 changed your business and how are you responding?

Covid 19 has slowed down our “roll out”. As we approach the governor’s Phase II and Phase III, we anticipate the grand reopening of many enterprises. We realize that this day and age represent some change and we want to be part of the aspects that represent improvement.

What else would you like our business and overall community to know about Streetlevel Marketing?

Streetlevel Media is excited to introduce this new advertising opportunity to the community and connect with the people and businesses that make Durham great!  Streetlevel Media is here to help you improve your business reach. We have been involved in advertising, promotion and marketing for many years and we’re good at it!

For more information, visit Streetlevel Media’s website.

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