Meet BOCC Candidate Regina Mays

Submitted in place of an (un)forum video of three things she will do to make Durham County a great place to start and grow a business.

My name is Regina Mays and I am running for Durham County Board of Commissioners. I am a 18 year resident of Durham County and a mother to 5. I am choosing to run in this race and ask for a seat in the County Commissioners because I have been an advocate for the past 3 almost 4 years as a Recovery Coach and have tried my hardest to aide those in need that are reestablishing themselves in the community. I have also had to fight against unfair policies and practices for my family when at poverty level, as well for my Intellectual Development Disorder son (IDD). Through these experiences I have seen and heard of such policies that are in place for one to “better” themselves or their family situation that does not ring true for the great under-served population.

So for as what and how I would work with the Chamber as a Durham Commissioner as companies such as Iqvia as they bring over 700 jobs to the greater Durham area over the next eight years is make sure that we have the educational system in place to insure that our residents are qualifiable. We would also have to consider the company’s request of having a child care facility onsite which would be awesome for parents, but I have yet to see documentation that will support them as a child care facility that will accept subsidized child care funding. This will allow for entry level employees to not have a great portion of their pay go towards childcare. I would not only like to see companies be public transportation accessible not only due to climate change but for individuals that solely rely on the transit to commute. This does not just mean during peak hours as that makes it difficult for some to apply and work for such companies in the RTP today.

When it comes to infrastructure of such companies to come in we must as a Board focus on the pros and cons of who, how, and when the residents that it will impact. These means the revamping of roads, housing placement, and education. We need to look presently at what should be in place to properly educate and train individuals while considering tax increase to support the needs. We are granted funds to support such things as education it does not negate the current debt that the County presently have and continue to gain as new concerns arise i.e. shut down of Morehead Montessori School and McDougald Terrace housing. Yes, each department is granted their own budget to operate out of but it is the Board to decide the funding given and our role to insure as much as possible that means are accessible for proper care for all Durham residents to thrive.

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