Key Investor Spotlight: AW North Carolina

AW North Carolina Inc. (AWNC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Aisin AW Co., Ltd. of Japan, is a specialized manufacturing company of automatic transmissions and transmission components. It was established in Durham, NC, in 1998.

While Aisin AW makes Automatic Transmissions for various vehicle makers globally with 15% world market share, AWNC’s primary customers are Toyota Motor Manufacturing’s assembly and component plants throughout North America.

AWNC is operating from two (2) plants, in Durham and Creedmoor with a total of 2000 plus employees. The Durham plant is the headquarters and is nestled on a 123-acre site in Treyburn Corporate Park. Acquired in 2014 is the Creedmoor plant which is 16 miles away from the headquarters and on 44-acre of land.

AWNC produces fully assembled automatic transmissions from small, medium to high torque capacity. We also manufacture transmission components that are used widely around the world such as torque converters, clutch assemblies, and carriers. All our products are produced with quality in mind, following the highest standards of production control, engineering, quality assurance and manufacturing.

After more than a decade of success, growth and contributing revenue to the City of Durham, we are determined to be the leader in our industry. Our commitment to quality is rooted in our corporate philosophy “Quality Supremacy,” empowering us to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations with high quality, cutting edge products. Behind AWNC’s quality products are the skill and knowledge of our Team Members who help the company maintain a good reputation in the manufacturing industry.

AWNC’s manufacturing processes utilize automated and robotic operations in our world class facility. Trained and skilled professionals oversee each phase of the process to ensure high quality-assured products.

Not only do we value our Team Members and the quality of our products, but also our environment and surrounding communities. Inside our manufacturing plant, we follow 5S standard (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain). Our goal is to have a pleasant, clean and safe working environment for our Team Members.

Safety is a core value at AWNC. Team Members receive safety training from the day they get hired and continuing monthly training for safety awareness. We are committed to ensure that our Team Members return home to their families, unharmed. Team members are also reminded every day that our products’ quality is someone else’s safety and that Toyota and its customers are depending upon the safety of our automatic transmissions.

Becoming an essential part of the Durham community and caring for surrounding communities is also important to us. We support non-profit organizations such as Community Schools of Durham and East Durham Children’s Initiative (EDCI) to help improve environment, health and education. These endeavors add to the quality of our company.

AWNC’s corporate slogan is “Quality People, Quality Products”. We firmly believe in this philosophy. Since it is PEOPLE who manufacture things, manufacturing is impossible unless PEOPLE are developed.

Going forward to celebrate our 20th anniversary next year, AWNC’s quality Team Members continue to strive in producing high quality Automatic Transmissions.

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