Investor Spotlight: Thomas, Judy & Tucker

Many people think of CPAs during tax season, especially right before the April 15th individual filing deadline. Comments like “Don’t you take the rest of the year off after busy season?” often make us chuckle as it brings to light the perception that we only focus on the compliance work associated with filing deadlines. However, at Thomas, Judy and Tucker, our 100+ employees stay busy year-round for our clients.

Our services extend well beyond filing income tax returns during busy season. We have a Human Resources compliance department, ready to help our clients navigate the complex world of HR and the myriad of forms and documents to be completed and filed. Our IT Security team can assist any business with an assessment of network security vulnerabilities as well as provide employee training designed to head off malicious phishing attacks. The TJT Outsource Accounting department handles monthly financials, payroll, bill paying and accounts receivable for businesses and non-profits of almost any size. This department serves their client needs on a daily basis, acting as the internal accounting staff for that organization.

Though much of the tax compliance work is done January through April, our tax team works steadily throughout the year with estate planning, cost segregation projects and tax planning for businesses and individuals. Our tax consulting practice proactively engages clients in the implementation of strategies which add value for clients that far exceeds the satisfaction from completing tax return filings. Currently, the favorable economic conditions of our local and regional markets have resulted in an increase in mergers and acquisitions activity. Our clients who are selling or buying a business engage us to assist with due diligence and identification of potential tax issues and liabilities. It is not unusual to see ownership changes at close of the tax year as it is often advantageous to have a clean year end cut off for both parties.

The TJT audit and assurance practice serves client needs with traditional audits, reviews and compilation engagements, but also completes benefit plan audits, agreed upon procedures and contractor balance sheet audits. Responsiveness at any time is crucial in this practice, as clients may be facing deadlines for loan closings or bonding activities. As a large local firm with offices in Raleigh and downtown Durham, TJT has the size of staff required to complete those unexpected engagements crucial for the success of our clients’ business.

Stated simply, there is so much more to a modern CPA firm than just tax filings and IRS interactions. We are year- round business advisors and are ready to help our clients with HR issues, IT security concerns, audit needs and consulting questions. For more information on TJT and how we can help your organization, visit our website at

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