Investor Spotlight: Durham Performing Arts Center

In nine years, Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC) has indisputably become one of America’s great modern theaters while spearheading a significant urban renaissance. The crown jewel of Downtown Durham’s redevelopment, DPAC’s is a success story like no other:

“Our top priority has always been to be our guests’ favorite place for live entertainment – and that shows in DPAC’s rising attendance and its ranking as one of the top U.S. venues every year,” said Bob Klaus, DPAC’s general manager.

Durham Mayor William Bell concurred: “We’ve had great performances, great shows and a great facility in terms of the way it looks, the way it feels and the employees that work there. The success is astounding.”

From its award-winning design by Szostak Design of Chapel Hill, to its fine-tuned acoustic excellence and formidable sightlines, Durham Performing Arts Center has helped make Durham an entertainment destination for North Carolinians. Offering ‘something for everyone’ has been a cornerstone of the theater’s existence. Top Broadway shows, leading comics, classic and independent bands and singers all love DPAC and its passionate audiences, often making encore performances. Annual summer performances of the American Dance Theater and seasonal favorites like Theater in the Park’s A Christmas Carol have guests returning year after year. DPAC has woven into the fabric of the Triangle culture easily, and its landmark status has been established.

DPAC stays on the front edge of entertainment venues by having choice bookings like Chris Rock’s recent tour debut performances and 2018-2019 SunTrust Broadway at DPAC most-requested show, Hamilton. The theater’s exponential achievements have allowed Klaus and his team their pick of the newest touring Broadway shows and top entertainers to bring to the Triangle.

Above all, though, it is DPAC’s commitment to each visitor that has made them admired worldwide. By establishing that an exceptional guest experience is the top priority, visitors are justifiably impressed with the customer service they receive: in years of post-show guest surveys, the DPAC Event Staff gets consistently high marks for their warmth, confidence and professionalism. Those surveys have helped the management make improvements suggested by guests to make that experience the best it can be.

“When DPAC was first envisioned, no one would have believed that it would become the center for live entertainment in North Carolina,” Bob Klaus reflected recently. But nine years has proven Triangle theatergoers were ready for a beautiful, modern venue hosting the best in Broadway, comedy and concerts, and their continued attendance has confirmed that DPAC is that venue.

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