Hersey Pharmacy Helps Members Slash their Medication Costs

Hersey Pharmacy Helps Members Slash their Medication Costs

Durham, NC – Hersey Pharmacy has announced today a plan to offer their members access to affordable prescription medications with savings upwards of 87% off retail. These savings are made possible by the SlashRx program and will be offered to members at no cost.

Sixty-four percent of Americans with prescriptions are non-adherent, one of the biggest reasons for this is it simply costs too much to fill and continue to fill the prescriptions for their medications. Last year, U.S. healthcare spending cost $3.5 trillion and this is forecasted to rise to $5.7 trillion by 2026 with prescription drug spending expected to see the highest growth due to higher prices and greater use of specialty drugs. Hersey Pharmacy’s leadership has decided to step in and offer a solution that lowers prescription medication costs while requiring no financial commitment on the part of the member.

The SlashRx program is entirely consistent with Hersey Pharmacy’s mission to provide members much needed benefits.

“Employers need to be able to offer viable solutions to their employees regarding higher medication costs,” said Keith Hersey, Owner.  “Any time that we are able to help drive health care costs down, we are doing what we have set out to do. We’re very happy to offer this solution to anyone who needs it.”

The SlashRx card is generated by Axe Prime in Marlton, NJ and will be distributed in the Raleigh-Durham market area. The SlashRx pharmacy savings program was created to bring transparency to prescription medication pricing. For years there has been a cloud of secrecy about the real cost of medications as third-party administrators pad prices to increase profits for their shareholders.  Our belief is that no one should overpay for their needed medications, and that’s why we pass on the negotiated savings directly to the cardholders. We feel it’s the right thing to do, and ensure our cardholders always pay the absolute lowest price for their medications that we can negotiate, even if we may lose money.

About AXE Prime

Our pharmacy savings card, SlashRx was designed to gives millions of cardholders across the US access to affordable generic and brand medications. Our card is accepted at over 67,000 participating pharmacies nationwide including all major retail pharmacies, big box stores, grocery stores and most independent pharmacies and can be used by every member of the family including pets. Everyone is eligible, with no income or age restrictions, and the program can save you money even if you have insurance. We collect no personal information so anyone can use the same card. Our focus is to find ways to negotiate deeper discounts with pharmacies, so all individuals and their pets can afford the medications they need. Contact Lorraine Wood for additional information at (856) 644-6441.

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