Engagement: How to Succeed in a Social Media Society

An Introduction to SpokeHub

Social Media is here to stay. A 2017 study estimates that seven-in-ten Americans utilize social media to entertain themselves, learn about businesses, discover news content, and connect with one another. Therefore, it would behoove all brands and businesses to engage with their customer base using social media.

Many successful businesses have launched large Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and even SnapChat campaigns in an attempt to engage with their customers. It has become a normal form of marketing and we think we’ve gotten it right. However, when you think about the BIG THREE social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) all you do is scroll through content stopping for only a second to passively click “like”. There is not a place to truly engage with customers.

What if businesses could know what their customers think about their product, services, brand, customer support, and any other aspect of the business…IN REAL TIME? What if true two-way conversation from business to consumer was possible? What if the analytics of consumer behavior (not simply characteristics) around topics of interest were available to paying business owners? Well “what if’s” are over because SpokeHub, Inc. has recognized the gap and filled it with two tools SpokeHub Social and SpokeHub Enterprise.

SpokeHub Social adds connection and relevance to every conversation around topics of interest – in essence we’ve brought chat rooms back. SpokeHub Enterprise offers and an end-to-end consumer engagement platform allowing real time sentiment analysis. See it for yourself! Download SpokeHub Social today on the Apple App Store or Google Play. For more information on SpokeHub Enterprise contact

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