Durham Chamber, ReCity Network Join Forces for Economic, Social Impact

The Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce, and ReCity Network, an emerging hub for social impact with non-profits, faith-based organizations, and mission-driven businesses, announce a new strategic partnership to build on the Bull City’s record of economic success and drive next-generation leadership.

Under the terms of the agreement, ReCity Network joins hundreds of industry leaders as a Durham Chamber Key Investor. This group of businesses are part of the Durham Chamber’s strategic initiative to shape Durham for sustained economic development through shared vision, shared ideas, creation of business opportunities and solving statewide problems.

ReCity Network’s 12,000-square-foot co-working, meeting, and event space located near the intersection of Broadway and Mangum Streets in downtown Durham will serve as the host site for future Durham Chamber meetings and events. Events will be selected by ReCity and Durham Chamber leadership in an effort to promote collaboration among the organizations and their respective members, as the two groups focus on social entrepreneurship, impact, and innovation.

According to Rob Shields, founding Executive Director of ReCity Network, the Durham Chamber strategic partnership is not just a big win for the emerging social impact hub, but for the city itself. “The Durham Chamber has, over the last decade, set the gold standard for collaboration and innovation for local economic development associations,” said Shields. “The leadership team at the chamber is known for being flexible and attentive to the needs of all stakeholders, including our core constituents of non-profits, churches, and mission-driven organizations. We are very proud to join forces with the Durham Chamber and build a future of shared success for all who call Durham home.”

“As the official economic development agency in Durham County, the Durham Chamber has played an integral role in attracting and retaining businesses and cultivating talent – helping Durham’s economy thrive,” said Geoff Durham. “ReCity has shown the potential to engage even more of Durham’s citizenry through community empowerment and we look forward to partnering with them in the future.”

About ReCity Network

Founded in 2016, ReCity Network is Durham’s hub for social impact. More than three dozen non-profits, faith-based organizations, and mission-driven businesses call the ReCity Network’s 12,000-square-foot home for co-working, meetings, and events aimed at fostering collaboration and sparking innovation that defines a new era of shared success among all residents of the Bull City.

About the Durham Chamber

The Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce is the leading economic development organization in Durham. Innovation, economic development and business empowerment are the heart of this thriving pro-active business leadership organization.

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