Cyreonix Offers Webinar Series on Cybersecurity Concerns

The Durham Chamber has partnered with member Cyreonix to offer 5 week lunch-time webinar series, beginning on July 7, 2020. Each webinar begins at 12:00 p.m.

This series is titled Business Security Technology in the New Normal:  Practices Practical for Protecting Your Business.

Visit the links below to register for the webinars.

Week 1: July 7, 2020

Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Data Resilience: Now More Than Ever

This webinar will present how critical it is for SMBs to have a Current Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan outline to help prepare their organizations for both Natural and Man-made disasters and emergency situations. Not only just have a plan, but the periodic testing and updating of such a program. “Chance Favors the Prepared Mind”.

Week 2: July 14, 2020

The Benefits of a Layered Security Approach

This webinar will present what a Layered Security approach is, as well as mythologies and benefits of having a multiple layers. We go a little past the basics to Planning, implementing, and maintaining your layered security technologies. We also briefly cover the need for layered security as prescribed by some business compliance standards.

Week 3: July 21, 2020

Next Generation of Identity and Access Management: Password-less with StrongKey & FIDO2

Passwords must eventually die! This webinar will present next generation Access and Authentication: Going Password-less. Yes, as we all know passwords necessary and antiquated method of shows one’s identity. Cyreonix has partnered with StrongKey, a Durham-based organization that has that provides the Hardware/Software combination that manages cryptographic Identity Keys for stronger user access security. We will also introduce the FIDO or “Fast IDentity Online” technology that makes this methodology possible.

Week 4: July 28, 2020

The Anatomy of Ransomware and What You Should Know

This webinar will present some of the most prevalent malware in operation, how it targets, executes, and it processes. As ransomware attacks are still increasing at a rapid rate, they are also mutating and changing as they are being discovered by security researchers and authorities. But I’m a small business, cyber attackers aren’t interested in us. FALSE, Ransomware and breaches can hit any organizations, no matter what size. In fact, a small business is desirable because they cannot afford to be down for a long period of time. They are more likely to pay due to lack of resources.

Week 5: August 4, 2020

Mobile Phishing and Vulnerability – The Facts and the Myths

Mobile phishing incidents occur twice as frequently as physical lost or stolen device incidents. This is because phishing is both different and more problematic on mobile devices, especially in a post-perimeter and work remote world.

When you add mobile into your business equation, phishing extends beyond corporate email into SMS and MMS; messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook (messenger), and personal email.

77% of CEOs and Boards are optimistic in their firm’s ability to cope with a breach, but only 33% are confident that high-value assets are adequately protected.

For questions or more information on this series, please contact Ed Harshberger.

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