Mangum Flats: The Latest Downtown Condo Project

By Durham Chamber of Commerce / Published 04.05.16
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Mangum Flats is the latest downtown condo project designed by Durham 2.0 member Center Studio Architecture and real estate developer and Durham Chamber board member Scott Harmon. Like their recent Church+Main project next to the historic courthouse, Mangum Flats is a partnerships with Triangle veteran developers Roland and Jed Gammon of White Oak Properties.

“This project is significant because buyers now have, for the first time, at least three projects to choose from in downtown Durham,” said Harmon. “The market is opening up with different choices in terms of design, pricing, location and features. We’re proud of our role as a locally-sourced design and development team with a long history of good projects in downtown Durham.

A few of Harmon’s favorites?

  • Condo 15: The two story townhouse unit with a classic stoop and courtyard on Mangum Street.
  • Condo 31: The lean and mean micro studio, with private balcony.
  • Condo 52: The generous and sweeping three-bedroom penthouse with downtown views.