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You’ll find Durham halfway between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the pristine beaches of North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

If you have a dream, there are people here who will actively help you make it happen. If you want to raise a family, build a career, or get back to nature (yes, plenty of that too), Durham can help. We have a diverse community from artists to scientists and from many cultures and races.

Durham is known as Black Wall Street, the home of African-American businesses and financial institutions dating back to the late 1800s. In Durham, we embrace diversity of thought and experience to build a stronger community. This city is a unique combination of a growing economy, high quality of life, low cost of living, in a community that is physically active, mentally engaged, and completely welcoming.

In 1981, Durham proclaimed itself to be the City of Medicine. No other city at the time exceeded Durham’s variety of hospitals and allied medical facilities, prestigious teaching institutions, innovative research laboratories and major healthcare corporations. In fact, one-third of the Durham workforce is employed in health-related occupations.

Durham is home to the Duke University Health System and Duke Children’s Hospital as well as a host of other healthcare facilities that are leaders in the healthcare field. Specialty hospitals and healthcare facilities like EmergeOrtho also provide valuable health services.

Today, Durham is well on the way to becoming the City of Health with initiatives like Healthy Durham 20/20. Their goal is to bring together people and organizations from all over Durham to work on the issues that cause health inequality, creating systemic change that benefits the entire Durham community.

 Nearly half of Durham residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher. (U.S. Census Bureau)

Durham County has more than twice the percentage of residents who have received a graduate or professional degree compared to North Carolina (21.6% vs. 10.2%).

Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce