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Key Investors

Key Investors is a new approach for a new era.

Thanks in large part to the leadership, creativity and hard work of our business community, we’ve all been witness to a uniquely Durham success story about economic growth and community involvement.

Key Investors creates a vision for Durham’s economic future.

Each year, this leadership group underwrites the Chamber’s work, allowing us to help companies create thousands of jobs and invest several hundred million dollars in Durham.

Key Investors creates a forum.

New ideas are always welcome, and innovative thinking will ensure that our community continues to be a great place to do business and attract top talent.

Key Investors creates business opportunities and solves challenges statewide.

With the Durham Chamber’s strong, statewide relationships, we are in a unique position to solve specific business challenges related to economic development and public policy. This allows our key investors to focus their energies on the work they do best. Your organization’s success is inherent in our mission.

Benefits to You, Your Employees, and Your Business

Customized Solutions

Commercial and residential real estate insights, public policy solutions, PR, talent acquisition, and employee training.

Key Relationships

An immediate connection to business leaders and elected officials in Durham, the region, and the state.

Impact on Durham

Participate in key conversations shaping Durham and the region.

Greater Visibility

Increased visibility within the business community and with potential hires throughout the region.

Wider Influence

Influence decisions impacting the future of economic development in Durham.