The City of Durham’s Downtown Loop Water Main Replacement and Water Meter Upgrades Project will began last week.  There will be noticeable traffic pattern modifications in the downtown area during the course of this project.  The total duration of construction is anticipated to last about 1 ½ years in order to replace the existing 1930’s era water mains in Durham’s Downtown Loop area to improve service deliveries.  It should be noted that some of the work will take place during overnight and weekend hours in order to minimize traffic, pedestrian and bus impacts.

Administrative Building Government Alley

The Government Alley (parking and through traffic) adjacent to the Durham County Administrative Building located at 200 E. Main closed Monday, September 8, 2014 and is anticipated to reopen during the last week of September.  The entrance/exit to the Church Street Parking Garage will remain open.  Access to the parking garage beneath the Durham County Administrative Building will be accessible via Ramseur St. during this time.  The existing sidewalks and ADA ramps adjacent to the building will remain open to allow pedestrian access during the installation.  All necessary detours will be adequately marked by the contractors prior to construction.  This portion of the project along with the Ramseur/Mangum intersection has been included in the first phase to allow NCDOT to resurface the asphalt on Ramseur Street, Great Jones Street and Morgan Street once the waterline has been replaced.