Thrift Store Grand Opening

November 7, 2014

Location:         3500 N. Roxboro Street (Old Oxford Commons) – outside front of store

Time:               11:30 AM – Noon

Presiding:        Mayor Bill Bell (will make comments to media, cut ribbon)

Kevin McDonald, President/CEO (will make comments to media & residents)


At Ribbon:       Mayor Bell

Kevin McDonald, President/CEO

Board Members (TBD)

Mike Keene, VP of Operations

Jeff Stern, Director of Business Operations

Michael Olesen, Store Manager

Other store team members

Alan Seawell

Roxboro Construction Crew Leader

Kim Chambers, Project Manager


Behind Ribbon:            200 residents


Media Interviews:       Mayor Bell, if his schedule permits

Kevin McDonald, President/CEO (or his designee)

Jeff Stern, Director of Business Operations

Store team member (to be assigned)



11:15 AM        Residents lined up for start of ceremony

11:15 AM        Steve Hill to give Mayor Bell a very quick look inside store

11:25 AM        Line up at ribbon

11:30 AM        Mayor Bell’s Comments to the Media

Kevin’s Comments to the Media & Residents (or designee)

Ribbon Cutting by Mayor Bell and Kevin (or designee)

11:45 AM        Media has opportunity to take shots inside of store & do interviews

Noon                Lunch & celebration for residents