According to USA Today did you know:

  • 1 child every 3 minutes was seen for a sports-related concussion
  • That younger athletes, ages  12 to 15, made up 47% of concussions
  • 1.35 million kids were seen in a hospital ER in 2012 for a sports related injury 

As a response FastMed’s Chief Medical Officer, Melvin G. Lee, MD, has provided advice on sports injuries for parents and guardians of child athletes, including the following:   

  • You should seek immediate medical attention if a student athlete suffers an injury to avoid any long term complications.
  • All medical examinations should be performed by a licensed medical provider and it should include an evaluation of prior concussions or other head injuries, chronic medical illness such as diabetes or asthma, and a family genetic history of heart complications.
  • Make sure clinicians treating your child are trained to provide specific recommendations for further testing and treatment, proper documentation, and provide proper accommodations and return-to-play instructions to the child, trainer, parents and school. 

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