What Is A Healthier DPS? Move, Groove & Thrive! is a district-wide wellness initiative aimed to increase physical activity opportunities for students, faculty and staff.

For Students: Using a toolkit, schools who choose to participate in this initiative will offer daily themed physical activity opportunities including activities during announcements and classes and at recess and lunchtime. Suggestions for each theme will be offered that provide links, guidelines and music for line dancing, energizers, walking, yoga, and others. On Friday, March 21, schools will hold individual events in whatever style of physical activity they choose, e.g. Zumba, 5K Walk/Run, Yoga classes, Line Dance Party. Schools may partner with organizations that have offered to assist including the YMCA, Alliance Healthy Schools Program, Playworks, Girls on the Run, Durham Parks and Rec, Durham Bikram Yoga, Durham Cross Fit and others. Central Office Staff will be provided with a list of individual school events and encouraged to show up and join in.

For Employees: Individuals can sign up online at www.ahealthierdurham.com, through the iPhone app and with Facebook. They can then join the Durham Public School Employees group and begin logging whatever physical activity they engage in at home or work, day or night. From March 3- April 4, DPS will be in healthy competition with the City of Durham and Durham County for the highest percentage of registrants, and to see whose employees can log the most physical activity hours. The kickoff event will be a Dance-off Flash Mob in downtown Durham between the three challengers. The winner of the challenge will be announced at the April 12 Bull City PlayStreets event to be held at WG Pearson Elementary.

For Questions: Kate Turner, District Wellness Coordinator, 560-2898 (21725), Katherine.turner@dpsnc.net