Work smarter, not harder. Target ways to improve your business with the online tool ASCEND.

Introducing ASCEND, the Business GPS.

ASCEND_LOGOASCEND is an online business assessment tool FREE for Durham Chamber members.  It gives you the ability to:

      • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your business
      • Pinpoint steps to improve your business practices
      • Develop targeted action steps that result in measurable results
      • Track progress and metrics to take your business to the next level of success!


  • It’s easy to use!
    • Let the software lead you through key areas of your business.  Answer questions about important topics like revenue generation, sales and marketing, risk management, human resources, and customer service.  It only takes about 30 minutes to complete.
  • It’s affordable!
    • Business consultants would charge you $3,000-$10,000 to assess your business before even getting started on suggesting solutions.
  • It’s all inclusive!
    • ASCEND includes both the assessment AND the targeted prescriptions  specifically designed for where you’re at in YOUR business

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Joye Speight, CMP, CWP“One thing that I appreciated about this assessment is that it addressed every level of people who will be taking it. Whether I was ignoring an area, or whether I was a rock star in it, there was something in the prescriptions for everyone,”

Joye Speight, owner of Virtue Event Planning & Consulting, Inc.



Sheridan-for-web“I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ASCEND tool and Caring House came in as a “missed” on the two areas I thought we would.  This will help give our present and future Board Chairs a tool to also look at when coming up with their own goals for the organization.  I will use this quarterly to keep it updated but wanted to express my gratitude to both SunTrust and Durham Chamber for making this happen.”

Sheridan van Wagenberg, Executive Director, Caring House

Click here Ascend Video 2.3 (2) to see how ASCEND works!


ASCEND is a service that the Durham Chamber is proud and ecstatic to provide with the support of SunTrust. This innovative tool closes the gap between starting a business and operating a sustainable business.

Take ASCEND Now!  

Chamber Members, login at  If you need your login credentials, please email ascend@durhamchamber org


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