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Durham City and County Incentives


  1. A written application is prepared and submitted for review by the Local Government staff
  2. The Elected Body meets in closed session to discuss the salient facts and issues regarding the application.  No vote is taken, but an indication is given whether the staff should move forward with a public hearing.
  3. If the staff is given the direction to move forward with the incentive, Local Government Staff will publish notice of a public hearing at least ten (10) days before the hearing is held. Such notice will describe the proposal to make appropriations to an industrial enterprise, and other information needed to reasonably describe the proposal according to State Statutes.
  4. A public hearing is held to review the application and hold a public vote.

Durham County Investment Fund

Applicant Eligibility

Funds may be provided to organizations or enterprises relocating or expanding operations in Durham County provided that such enterprises are directly involved in the expansion of the County’s primary economic base. Such enterprises must produce new capital investment of at least $50 million in new assessed valuation for a new firm or $30 million by in new assessed valuation by an expanding firm or create at least 200 new jobs within seven (7) years after start of operations unless otherwise determined by the Board of County Commissioners.

For companies which are requesting incentives due to job creation, the following guidelines shall apply:

a) 200-500 jobs – up to $1,000 per job;

b) 501-1000 jobs – up to $1,500 per job;

c) 1001 or more jobs – up to $2,000 per job.


City of Durham  

Downtown and Community Development Areas:

a)    $500,000+  in capital expenditures  and at least 10 jobs – up to 3% incentive not exceed $1 Million within 3 years

b)   25+ jobs within 2 years – up to 6% incentive not to exceed $2 Million

c)    For Job creation only the incentive can be up to $2,500 per job but not more than $1 Million

Suburban Location:

a)    $20+ Million  in capital expenditures within 3 years – up to 1.5% incentive not exceed $1 Million

b)   100+ jobs within 3 years – up to 1.5% incentive



Please see below for our most up to date tax rates in Durham County. Due to the complexities of city and county overlap and changing rates, we suggest that you visit this website for up to date information on taxes.

Learn More: Durham Tax Rates

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