May 26, 2015

Transportation Committee Update

Beau Memory, executive director of the North Carolina Turnpike Authority was the May 26 speaker. Beau provided the committee with a snapshot of how business is faring within the Authority along with addressing the escalating cost associated with infrastructure improvements throughout North Carolina.  Memory also SB188- Adjust Cap on Turnpike read more

May 22, 2015

Schulman IRB to House Review Board and Operational Support at RTP Office

Schulman Associates IRB, Inc., the industry-leading central IRB in customer service and technology, has announced board expertise and operational support to be based at its new office on Laboratory Drive in Research Triangle Park, Durham, North Carolina.

Last month, Schulman announced the signing of a long-term lease in Research Triangle … read more

May 19, 2015

ACC Baseball Tournament Photo Contest

Keep your phones handy this week and email any candid pictures from anywhere in Durham *** associated with the ACC Baseball tournament to, or

You can also post your photos to social media using #ACCBase

Best Photo Winner - $200.00 the Streets at Southpoint gift card … read more

May 7, 2015

Downtown Durham Lighting Improvements

Downtown Durham Inc. has partnered with MHAworks Architecture to study pedestrian-scale lighting solutions for downtown Durham along Main Street. The accelerated growth of downtown Durham creates a need to enhance the pedestrian experience. Additionally, large, dense trees creating dark areas at night can inhibit the walkability of downtown to visitors … read more

May 6, 2015

After the Dinosaur: The Sell of Bronto and Durham’s Entrepreneurial Success

To say that Durham is in the midst of an entrepreneurial boom would be an understatement.

In the last two years, six companies in Durham have been acquired for a combined total of more than one billion dollars. The latest is Bronto, acquired last month for $200 million. Each of … read more

April 22, 2015

Job Burnout: Extinguishing the Flames of Workplace Discontent

At one time or another everyone has experienced a bad day at work. When deadlines loom large, meetings abound, and requests from clients and colleagues are overwhelming, it can depress and frustrate even the most positive employee.  Fortunately, these challenging periods are typically short-lived, and the employee returns to a … read more

Costly Mistakes Can Undermine the Success (Or Existence) of Growing Young Companies

It’s no secret that starting a business presents daunting challenges and many new ventures have a high failure rate. According to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), only about half of all businesses founded in a given year are still in existence five years later. In addition, the DOL statistics … read more

April 15, 2015

The Role of the Environment in Recruiting Top Talent

There is a growing recognition that the health of our natural resources and the health of the economy go hand in hand.  In Durham, we hear this most in terms of recruiting top talent to the area.  Clean air and water, places for recreation, safe and local sources of food … read more

April 14, 2015

Rise of the Rest Tour Comes to Durham

We’d like to invite you to two special events on May 5 as part of the “Rise of the Rest” tour with Steve Case. As you may have heard Steve Case, the founder of America Online and Chair and CEO of Revolution, will be holding a series of public … read more

Open Software Integrators is Now Mammoth Data

Open Software Integrators, the leader in Big Data consulting and professional services, has rebranded as Mammoth Data. The new corporate identity reflects the company’s focus on helping companies turn their unstructured information into actionable business intelligence through the use of Big Data technologies like Hadoop®, Cassandra, MongoDB, Couchbase and Neo4j.… read more