The Chamber and its members were so very fortunate to have Charlotte McKines, VP of Global Marketing Communication and Channel Strategy for Merck & Co., Inc. as the keynote speaker of the second installment of the Women in Business Luncheon Series.

Charlotte is a true leader, a creative visionary, a mentor and a friend, yet still manages to make time for herself. She embraces the philosophy of “each one, teach one” by giving of your talent, time or money. She is not blind to her weaknesses and chooses to surround herself with those that are complimentary to her skill set.

Attendees left the room motivated, energized and inspired. She left us with a few key points – hopefully you can apply these to your life.

  • Know your personal brand
  • Have a language of leadership – have conversations of possibility, action and acknowledgment.
  • Build your team – surround yourself with people that can help you achieve your goals and dreams. As Charlotte called it, your “posse”.
  •  Have an all-girl back-up group – your circle of friends. These are the people that know you in and out…your go-to crew.
  •  Have an attitude of gratitude – focus on abundance, then your life will feel more abundant and find tasks that fulfill you. Remember: each one, teach one.  Help others climb the ladder to success.
  •  Turn your success into significance -This is a lasting call to action; join a non-profit or volunteer where your passion lies

If you missed this session, mark your calendar for the next and final installment on November 15 as we hear from Iris Ramirez Reese!