Last week, it was my turn to submit a blog post to our communications department, but I was blank on a topic, until the morning it was due.  I suppose the erratic weather may have had something to do with it, or the book I was reading called The Coming Jobs War.  Either way, it’s something that I’ve long espoused and strive for in my professional life, and that is I seek to be delighted by sales people and service providers.  However, I’ve learned this is by far a common retail experience no matter the guy in the colorful apron at my local big box store, or a service professional – no one seems to care if I patronize their business again.  Why is this?  From everything I hear, although the economy is better, we are in no way back to our pre-recession days, yet business owners and the staff who interface with the public act as if there is an overabundance of people waiting to do business with them.  And this is not unique to the private sector as the public sector has long had this reputation.

I’d like to encourage readers to demonstrate the art of delighting their next client or customer, and work to integrate this practice into their business model.  To me, to delight means to go beyond simply fulfilling an order or request for a product or service, but instead present solutions and never ever use the word “no”.  Even if a client/customer request is outside the scope of your business, there is very likely someone you can refer them to who does offer the product/service.  THIS is how you delight someone.  In the process you’ll have created a positive experience for that individual, and now they’re more likely to think of YOU when they need your product or service.   

I guess, some might refer to this as going the extra mile, but in this day and age – should be done barefoot, over hot coals.  I jest, but you get the idea.  That said, this would certainly show one’s commitment to creating a memorable client/customer experience.  Do this often and I assure you clients will sing your praises, and customers will return tenfold, for very few are.  By virtue of this fact, you’ll stand out in the pack, and isn’t that what every business wants?  Do it today!  Delight your next client/customer and see for yourself.

  -Adrian Brown