Beau Memory, executive director of the North Carolina Turnpike Authority was the May 26 speaker. Beau provided the committee with a snapshot of how business is faring within the Authority along with addressing the escalating cost associated with infrastructure improvements throughout North Carolina.  Memory also SB188- Adjust Cap on Turnpike Projects (, currently making its way through the North Carolina General Assembly.

About the N.C. Turnpike Authority:

The North Carolina Turnpike Authority was created in 2002 to speed the implementation of needed transportation improvements by funding some projects with tolls. Governed by a nine-member authority board, it is located within the Department of Transportation and under the direct supervision of the Secretary of Transportation. The authority has the power to study, plan, develop and undertake preliminary design work on up to nine turnpike projects. The authority is authorized to design, establish, purchase, construct, operate and maintain toll highways and bridges. The authority is also authorized to designate one or more lanes of any highway, or portion thereof, into a high-occupancy toll lanes (HOT lanes) or other type of managed lanes; provided that such designation does not reduce the number of existing non-toll general purpose lanes.