This morning’s Chamber U demonstrated ways that small businesses could utilize LinkedIn to connect with professionals and grow their business base. Check out the tips, tricks and tools below that attendees learned about this morning.


  1. Change your URL in your profile from the random letters/numbers to your name
  2. Keep your profile honest, it is very easy for companies to fact check on the Internet these days
  3.  Post comments on LinkedIn pages, it stays up awhile and brings you to top-of-mind


  1. Keep active in the STATUS UPDATE by throwing in a link to the latest book you are reading (AMAZON has an app for this, too) or workshop you attended
  2. Post a positive recommendation for a former  employer
  3. Check out the LinkedIn page of a prospect. When they look at “Page views” of who has checked-out their profile, your name will be there and chances are they will check-out who you are


  1. SMART R Pulls in the LinkedIn Feed, lets you know who you are having the most interaction with and if you are linked
  2. ACCET Invitation Provides stats on how often you’ve connected with contacts, how quick they get back to you
  3. Use the app BOX allows you to upload docs that you find yourself referencing a lot for your potential clients (rate sheets, structure diagrams, etc)

Information Presented by Devin Kelley, Method Saavy