So, what is the Art of Cool Project (AOCP)? If you have attended any of the Third Friday festivities downtown, then you may have seen the concerts that they put on over at Labour Love Gallery at Golden Belt. Last week, AOCP presented Peter and the Wolves to a sold-out crowd. The meld of music and art provided a unique backdrop for the performers.  

Al Strong, a local trumpeter and partner Cicely Mitchell co-founded the organization and are dedicated to promoting the local vibrant and varied music and art scene. The project is a unique collaboration between the music and art communities to bring both creative mediums to supporters together in an intimate concert setting. Live performances showcase and stimulate the forward-focused creative thought that is occurring on the local music and art scenes. The art advocacy project also strives to cross artistic, economic, and cultural boundaries to bring together a diverse mix of people and creativity.

AOCP partners with artists  such as Luis Franco to create the artwork for each monthly concert. The concert posters as well as images from the shows are highly sought after collectibles. AOCP also coordinates a weekly listing of all jazz events in the Triangle.  

Check out the next AOCP event on Friday February 17 at Labour Love Gallery. Singer Kim Arrington will be performing!