Working at a Chamber is not without its benefits.  One of those is fielding some pretty crazy questions and requests.  We never cease to be amazed at what it is individuals THINK we do.  Here are just a few REAL examples…

 “I need to get my daughter’s records from a clinic that closed down five years ago.  I need her records by 1:00 p.m. today.” (time of call—10:00 a.m.)

“Can you tell me the name and number of a CPA firm near South Square where an accountant named Jack works?”

“Can you tell me how tall the Durham Centre Building and the University Tower Building are, by feet?”

“I want to know of a furnished house I can rent for one day for 13 people who will be attending my wedding.”

“How many computers are in Durham and how many are online?”

“I want some music demographics, any kind of music.”

“I was told to call the Chamber to get police reports.  No?  Well, who do I call?”

“Can you send me a list of all the companies that will give me money to go to college?”

“How do you spell accumulation?”

“Where can I pick grapes?”

“I need a list of the world time zones.”

“Can you tell me why my daughter’s phone has been disconnected at Duke?  I have already talked to the phone company.”

“I was told if I called you, you would come and fix my car.”

“What do I do if I think someone is wire tapping my phone?”

“When is high tide in Myrtle Beach?”

And last week’s all time winner…

“Can you take my 5-year-old child?”


Things that make you go hhhmmm…