We all know there are businesses that have been around for years, but how many are still run by the original family?  Rosenstein Vision Center is a fourth generation business!  In 1904, Dr. Nathan Rosenstein left New York to practice optometry in Durham.  He was issued the fourth license to practice optometry in North Carolina. 

The practice began in a small office in downtown Durham at 213 West Main Street, then due to space constraints, moved to 323 West Main Street.  The office remained there approximately 50 years before moving to its current location on 2901 North Duke Street in 1978.

Dr. Abraham Rosenstein joined his father in 1923, holding the 90th license to practice Optometry in North Carolina and Dr. Robert N. Rosenstein graduated in 1974 and holds the 888th license. Dr. Aaron A. Rosenstein is the fourth generation to work within the practice.

Talk about a family tradition!

Above is a photo of Dr. Aaron A. Rosenstein (left) and Dr. Robert N. Rosenstein (right) standing in front of the original door of 323 West Main Street.

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-Allison White