We’ve gotten tons of feedback about the promotional materials for our upcoming Annual Meeting. As we like to say around the Chamber office, it’s totally “Durhamy”.  The Chamber was very fortunate to team up with Seth Patrick for this project.

So, who is the man behind the bulls?

Seth  is a designer, artist, and illustrator. He moved to Durham three years ago from Virginia Beach, Virginia when his wife started her medical residency at UNC- Chapel Hill. Most days he stays busy telecommuting as the main graphic designer for a New Mexico based consulting firm, but he has the flexibility that allows him to take on all forms of freelance projects. In Virginia he worked as a graphic designer for a small publishing company and then as the art director of Port Folio Weekly, a local alternative weekly (think of the Independent here) based out of Norfolk, Virginia. 

He really enjoys creating information graphics, small publications, posters, company logos and business cards. His true passion, however, is in creating digital illustrations. Seth’s distinct style is one that emphasizes a warm color palette and a grainy texturing method to give the work a whimsical, retro feeling to them. A lot of work is based off of photos, allowing him to recreate cityscapes and buildings, or re-imagining a photo of a person or historical scene. But a lot of humorous characters featuring pop-culture icons can also be found within his portfolio. He really enjoys any project that challenges him, so he is always willing to take on a new or different assignment with this medium. Since everything is digital, Seth feels he has an advantage in his ability to turn his quality of work at such a high rate. This also allows him to combine his design and illustration skills when he creates a concert poster, promotional postcard, or event promotion.

Since moving to Durham, Seth has found inspiration from the many creatives here. He also finds inspiration living in Durham itself, and through this has created illustrations depicting downtown, the Lucky Strike tower, blu seafood, and a few other places he sees on a regular basis. 

For more information about Seth you can go to his website here or follow him on twitter @seth_patrick. If you are interested in contacting him about work his email is seth@sethpatrick.com.