Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are touted as the elite social networks today. However, you must include Instagram in that list as a premier social networking website. After being acquired by Facebook in 2012, it now has over 100 million active users.

So…what is Instagram?

Instagram is a mobile app for Android devices and iPhone/iPad users and shares pictures with friends. Many businesses aren’t leveraging the true power of Instagram. Taking photos of your business and encouraging patrons to take photos allows you to engage with them on another level. Below are a few steps to get you started.

1 – Setup a Personal Account

Download the mobile app for yourself and start taking and sharing pictures with your friends. Get a feel for the app and it’s picture filtering settings. Be sure to link your account to your other social profiles on Twitter and Facebook. Once you have it integrated with Facebook and Twitter, your pictures will automatically upload with one click.

2 – Setup a Company Account

Once you’ve gotten used to using the app, create one for your company and integrate it with your other social networking profiles. The key to using Instagram is having fun and being creative with different camera angles and filters. Take photos of events, activities, clients, customers and even spaces in your office.

3 – Delegate Responsibilities

The person in charge of your company’s Instagram profile should be the same person in charge of your social media and blogging (marketing). Make sure that they understand it. Be sure to create a “code of conduct” because you don’t want any public relations debacles.  

4 – Set a Goal

What do you want to achieve with Instagram? Do you want to increase your social media presence? Attract more customers? Determine what your primary goal is and stick to it.

5 – Develop an Action Plan

Based on your goal, develop an action plan which will help you accomplish your goal. If your goal is to get more customers, set an objective to create special offers or contests to drive new customers to your business.  People love being rewarded!



About the Guest Blogger:

Corey Harris serves as the Account Executive for Mobile Webie, a mobile website design company for residential realtors. He has extensive experience with leveraging online marketing. Feel free to reach him via email at Corey@mobilewebie.com.