Monday marked the first day of the Bull City Startup Stampede and I have to say, I’m really excited about this batch of entrepreneurs. We have 13 startups participating this fall and these entrepreneurs are hitting the ground running. Last Friday, we started with an orientation to downtown Durham and the local startup community, and had lunch with former Mapquest co-founder Chris Heivly.

Chris’ word to the startups was to squeeze every minute out of the next 60 days of the Stampede–meet with anyone and everyone, sell as much as you can, and be really comfortable with your pitch. So, when we started Monday, Matthew Coppedge (Downtown Durham, Inc.), Joel Sadler (Bound Custom Journals) and I spent the entire day listening to each company’s pitch, giving feedback, and thinking through the people they should be meeting with around town. It was a lot of fun and the companies are eager to make adjustments, tighten their focus and get to selling.

I’ll post back as the Stampede rumbles on but for now, if you see a Stampeder around town (they’ll be the one with the extra large cup of coffee), stop and say hello and ask them for their pitch. 


Participating companies: