You have probably had a brilliant idea boiling in your head for some quite some time now, and have not been quite sure how to execute it. The City of Durham has a solution -a free workshop series for small businesses.

The first seminar, “How to Start a Business”, is dedicated to getting the idea out of your head and putting money in your pockets.

The seminar, hosted by the City’s Equal Opportunity and Equity Assurance Department, will be on Thursday, August 23 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The seminar will take place at City Hall Council Chambers.

Farad Ali, Vice President of the North Carolina Institute of Minority Enterprise Development will conduct the meeting by giving patrons a blueprint of how a business can begin.  Topics will include developing a business idea, outlining the legal process, gathering market information, starting up capital, state and city requirements, licensing and permits and finding assistance.  This will be a great tool for those who are starting a business or have recently started a business.

The workshop series is free, and participants are only asked to pre-register at or contact Senior Equal Opportunity/Equity Assurance Specialist Vincent Wingate by email at or by calling (919) 560-4180, extension 17241.