When we ask businesses why they come to or stay in Durham, the most frequently cited answer is our talent pool.  We know, all too well,  that a talent pipeline must be continually nurtured if it is to grow.  Since one of our goals is to facilitate growth in the region, we support organizations that seek to ensure our workforce stays strong.   Durham’s Partnership for Children does just that.  Their goals are to: 

-Ensure that all children enter school healthy and prepared to succeed.

-Improve children’s early care and education programs so that they are safe, healthy and provide opportunities for children to learn skills they need for success in school.

-Provide parents with tools that support them in raising healthy, happy, successful children.

-Ensure that children have access to preventive health care.

But don’t take our word for it!  Check out their Public Service Announcement.  It was filmed in Durham this past November with the help of Durham parents and children ages 0-5, and many community partners – including elementary schools, child care centers, churches, and pediatrician’s offices. It is a true reflection of the community in which we live.

Show your love for Durham’s young children by watching now.

Please visit www.dpfc.net for more information on the work and mission of the Partnership.