By Nicole Beatty

I have a secret I’m willing to share in hopes that someone else out there does the same thing.

I love sales receipts!

I save them in envelopes each month and when I’m through, they go in a box. They are like memories of good times (oh yeah, that TRY IT LOCAL receipt for Mad Hatter – I saved $10). Right after it’s printed, I quickly scan down to see how much I have saved.  My favorite line is usually in bold and states: You just saved $52.16 at Kroger.

I guess it is a weird kind of validation that yes, I did spend over $100 on groceries, but if you LOOK AT THE RECEIPT, I bought $152.16 worth of food. Sometimes they even give you a “total savings to date” and that number can really be impressive! So, in my struggle to stretch that dollar bill just a little bit more, I am taking advantage of the Office Depot program through the Durham Chamber. (Yes, they print receipts with how much you’ve saved in bold so I love it).

I met with our representative, Terri, to learn more about this program and she explained it is not just in Durham or North Carolina – it’s national! She stated that the group purchasing program serves more than 40,000 businesses to leverage the aggregate purchasing power of the collective member base to drive deeper discounts (meaning strength in numbers).  

Chamber members receive tangible benefits from the membership – while saving REAL money for their company or household. Even if the company has an office supply vendor, their employees can use the membership for their back to school purchases or home office supplies! There are 100 core items people use most frequently that have a 30 percent discount (things like paper, tape, pens, binders, etc.) and everything else has a 5 percent discount off the lowest retail price. They even offer free shipping if you order online (orders over $50). Their copy services are only 2.5 cents for black and white copies (regularly 10 cents) and color copies are only 29 cents (regularly 59 cents).

I hope you’ll join me in this FREE program – and check your receipts! Make sure to look past the total paid line to the bold: you saved ***SERIOUS CASH ***.

All you have to do is email our Office Depot representative Terri Taylor at terri.taylor AT officedepot DOT com to sign up for the Office Depot card. See, this is just another way the Durham Chamber strives to make your membership dollars work for you!