Our stint at The Smoffice officially ended on Halloween. I can’t believe how far we’ve come since applying to the competition at the end of March. This is first in a series of posts about our Smoffice journey, and where we are now.

I dug up a few things from The Makery before the Smoffice. All we had then was a vision (and a few thousand dollars raised on Kickstarter from amazing supporters who saw potential in our idea.)

Here is our original video submission for the competition. I also found the email conversation between my sisters and I when I first learned about it from Twitter. We were in three different states at the time, and sending quite a few emails:

from: Krista Nordgren kanordgren@gmail.com
to: Brita Nordgren <britanordgren@gmail.com>,
Sarah Rose Nordgren <srnordgren@gmail.com>
date: Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 12:18 AM
subject: I really want to apply!

Check the whole thing out! Should I do it? But you have to start by May 1st

Brita: what is it? there is not link or anything?

Sarah Rose: What is it kk?

Krista Anne: Hahahaha, that’s not the first time I’ve done that….


Brita: ?

Sarah Rose: ??

Brita: Krista, you want to be an out-of-date German office supply company?

Sarah Rose: hahahahahahahaaaa!!!!

Krista Anne : hehehehehehehehe! The secret is out!

No, i tried to type in the link from memory…obvs not right. Third try’s a charm: www.thesmoffice.com

Sarah Rose:We should TOTALLY apply for this. I’ll be home by May 1 and could inhabit the smoffice on my own til Krista returns in June. I mean it. We should submit.
Anyone know how to write a business plan?

Brita: super cool. and they have an ikea couch in the condo!

We did figure out how to write that business plan… and found out a few weeks later that we had won. We were beyond excited that we could take The Makery back to our hometown, and build our business together in a community that was so collaborative, and so up and coming.

More about our homecoming in the next post.

 -Krista Anne