doyles better

Imagine being surrounded by vibrant fall colors, serenaded by the sound of cascading water accompanying vintage Frank Sinatra music in the background.

Imagine being mesmerized by the red and yellow flames emanating gently from a fire pit while sipping wine and savoring the flavors in freshly made crepes.

And if you are imagining all of that, you might conclude it’s a scene straight out of a Parisian vacation?

And you would be wrong.

It’s an evening at Doyle’s Vineyard in Durham, NC and the Chamber was there last night for a Business After Hours.

The owners, Troy and Kristin Hernandez were the perfect hosts, treating all who attended to a wine tasting.  Afterwards participants networked in the picturesque environment created by nature and preserved by the Hernandez’s themselves.  It was a serene ending to a hectic day.

If you missed it, you haven’t missed out because Doyle’s Vineyards has wine tastings daily, Monday-Friday 12-8 pm and Saturday and Sunday 12-6 pm.

So put a little calm into your life.  Go.  Spend a few hours at Doyle’s Vineyards; you’ll be very glad you did.