Why do you think they make puppies so darn cute? The first two years are full of chewing, “accidents” and total house destruction. If you want to pass on that exciting stage, consider adopting an older dog.

I adopted an older dog from the Durham County Animal Shelter/Animal Protection Society of Durham many years ago.  I found a beautiful white Samoyed.   He was not like the usual shelter dog that was jumping up on the gate door with the ‘pick me’ look.  He stayed back in the run, nice and quiet, just coming up to the gate for food or water.  He was calm, quiet and easy to walk on a leash and already knew how to sit and stay on command.  

I adopted him and named him George.  The name fit.  He was a great, gentle, big dog already neutered and house trained.  George was probably around 5-6 years old.  He was great with my at the time 4-year-old son, Travis.  He would give his big furry friend big hugs. He even could walk him around on a leash without being dragged around the yard.  I have to say, George was the best dog I ever had.

October is Adopt a Shelter Pet Month at the Durham County Animal Shelter/Animal Protection Society of Durham. You can find more information about the month long event here.

Also, find out about the Reppy Year End Challenge where generous donors match gifts to the APS Annual Fund.

-Allison White